AY Hypno

Weight Loss


An emotional relationship with food is firmly established as an infant. A baby is distressed when hungry, they cry for their mother and they are not only given food but attention and comfort. As a child it’s common to have been encouraged to eat everything on your plate and rewarded with dessert for achieving this. Another classic example is the inevitable tears of a child falling over only to quickly be happy again when given sweets.

There is no quick fix or piece of magic in stopping the comfort eating. The hypnosis doesn’t change the way your brain is wired in just a few weeks. It takes time and discipline to cultivate the free-will needed to lose weight in a healthy way.

The therapy I offer focusses on your emotional attachment to food. We look at the patterns in your life that may be contributing to your need to eat. Sometimes we eat when we feel vulnerable and it’s important to find a healthier way to nurture this vulnerability. Using the powerful effect of hypnosis we can help you to look after yourself emotionally in other ways rather than turning to food or drink.

We will use hypnosis to be in touch with your unconscious emotion and to use your suggestibility to gain motivation, to be more conscious of your needs and to help give you more control when it comes to eating. I will be able to provide you with a hypnosis recording to listen to inbetween sessions.

The relationship between us and understanding all aspects of your life is also a large part of the way we work together. The varied way in which I work will help you bring more balance to your life.