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The importance of sleep cannot be underestimated. It relieves stress, anxiety and heals the body. The 8 hour non-stop sleep we aspire to is an ideal rather than a normal biological function. As a species we used to sleep in blocks rather than in one stint.

The pressure to get all your sleep in one go is a hallmark of the modern world and every now and again, we need help with this.

Spending all day problem-solving, worrying and catastrophising can leave your body riddled with adrenalin and cortisol (the stress hormone). This makes sleep incredibly difficult at the time you need it most.

How can I sleep better?

Hypnotherapy can help fight the cause of the worry as well as give you the ability to relax your brain and body very quickly meaning you can make it much easier to go to sleep.

Teaching you self-hypnosis will give you the ability to rest and sleep at a moment’s notice. As you become skilled at tuning out of your external environment and into your imagination, you will quickly be able to enter a dream-filled sleep.

You may also be going through a stressful time in which all sorts of worries and emotions are being stirred up. Helping to understand the place you’re in and letting go of the tings you’ve been holding onto┬ácan help you let go of some of the stress you’re feeling.

I will also record the first hypnosis session and you’ll have a recording to send you off to sleep.