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Therapy can help you understand your relationships, not just the romantic types but the relationships with your family, friends and peers.

Many relationships have powerful controlling feelings that are hard to fully understand or express. Sometimes there is an absence of feeling which is equally confusing. Is the relationship you’re in healthy for you? If not why are you still in it or how can you improve it?

The starting point for any understanding of your relationship is an understanding of yourself. Therapy allows you to look for patterns in thought, feeling and behaviour. You can gain insight to fully understand your past and to know yourself more in the present. Working with me will help lift those blind spots of self-awareness and we can begin to help improve your relationships.

The way I work with individuals in helping them with their relationships is by looking at the immediate impact on their everyday lives. If someone is in a dysfunctional or damaging relationship, it may be causing anxiety or depression of some kind. We can work in a number of ways depending on what you’d like help with. It may include improving communication, changing behaviours, helping with intimacy or putting up protective boundaries.