AY Hypno

Performance / Confidence


Building self-confidence and performing at your peak can help in all areas of life from sport to public performance. Learning the art of believing in yourself can also greatly improve your work and relationships.

My therapy aims to allow you to discover your potential, whether this be through short term goal focussed sessions or long term relational therapy.

Nerves can get the better of all of us at times. Great performers, whether they are athletes, singers or public speakers can harness their nerves and turn it into a great energy.

Breaking apart negative thought processes is the first step in building confidence. This can be a conscious and an unconscious process. Hypnosis can allow you to believe in what you can achieve on every level. In order to play the part, if unconsciously you already feel the part, the work is mostly done.

Using your adrenalin to bring the best out of yourself can be a great part of performing well at any performance. Being in control of the fight or flight response is crucial. Using self-hypnosis to focus on your goals will help achieve your potential, blocking everything else out.

When we don’t believe in ourselves enough, we tend to settle, whether it be in a job that is beneath us or in a bad relationship. In our therapy we look at who you are and work together to help bring out a self-assurance that may have been missing before.