AY Hypno



Anxiety comes in various forms whether it be panic attacks, constant worrying or social anxiety. It is a part of the unconscious survival mechanism that will lead us away from threats in our environment. It’s fantastic for keeping us safe from saber-toothed tigers, not so great when we want to talk in public, get on the tube or simply go to sleep.

Our fight or flight mechanism can often become too trigger-happy for various reasons. In therapy we can begin to understand your anxiety. There are many techniques and strategies we can make specific to your life and help reduce the anxiety very quickly and prevent the fight or flight trigger.

The probability of panic attacks can be greatly reduced and you can learn how to stay on top of them. We can work on how to deal with the ‘what-if’ thinking and the catastrophising which can lead us into a panic. We can build your confidence

Hypnosis can be a powerful tool in dealing with anxiety. It can help break the link between the trigger and the anxious reaction. Your thoughts can become calmer as we work with the unconscious and help you heal and feel good about yourself again.

In longer-term work, we can look to go beyond just coping but to really connect with who you are and what you want. When you really know and value yourself, everything else can fall into place.