AY Hypno



As people, we lean towards pleasure and away from pain. This idea is often at the centre of addiction.

The pleasure may be alcohol, drugs, sex, food or gambling; there’s plenty of habits that can become addictions.

The pain we avoid is often emotional and our unconscious will find a way to ease or detach ourselves from this. We can temporarily escape our thoughts and feelings whether through fantasy or physical sensations. That pain will remain below the surface and will still be there when we’ve stopped drinking, come down or put the laptop down.

My therapy works on relieving the pain and what we need is compassion, both yours and mine. With addiction, there is rarely a quick fix, it takes time. The relationship between the two of us is important and we can look for solutions together.

The therapy will help you to restore the things you want in your life, to feel good again in your relationships, at work as well as in your own company.

We will work with the unconscious, understand the triggers for the self-defeating behaviour and work towards a life free from addiction.