AY Hypno

The Therapeutic Relationship

therapy room picThe therapeutic relationship is something I hold in high regard and pay particular attention to.

I don’t work with the idea of a therapist being a completely blank canvas. I invest myself within the therapy and my own personality is present. I aim to to make sure the relationship is as authentic as possible. I am open about the way I feel and what I think. I talk, I discuss and I share ideas that will hopefully spark thought and feelings.

The relationship is always free from judgement. I do not judge people for the things they do nor do I judge them for what they feel. An environment of trust and openness is an essential ingredient of any relationship, not just within therapy. Logically, you know a therapist should be non-judgmental but it’s a greater benefit to experience and feel this.

You don’t have to be logical all the time. You don’t have to be anything other than what you’re feeling right at that moment.

It is within the relationship between therapist and client, between you and I, where your internal world comes to life. Any conflicts within yourself may in some way become evident in the relationship. Exploring the conflict allows a resolution to happen as you experience a way through.

Feedback is also crucial to therapy progressing well. I ask clients to feedback to me how they find therapy, what they think is working and what isn’t. I will feedback to my client how I see them as a person. In my eyes, any counselling or therapy is an interactive process between two people who experience a wealth of thoughts and emotions. Sharing these can help solve many problems.