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About Me

Alex-JumperI work full-time as a therapist in my private practice. Before becoming a therapist, I was always fascinated by the mind, how it works and always trying to understand myself and the people around me. I graduated in Philosophy in 2004 and then spent a couple of years working without much focus. (This bit wouldn’t go on a CV…)

I then decided to go travelling for a year, both with friends and then travelling on my own. It was travelling on my own that broke me out of auto-pilot and opened me up to different cultures, people, ideas and emotions.

On my return, I started volunteering with the Samaritans, a 24 hour phone line for people experiencing suicidal thoughts and emotional distress. The two years I was there was a real eye-opener, both in hearing what people had to go through and understanding the emotional struggle we all have. The skills and principles I picked up there form a large part of my practice today. The art of listening and being present with someone while abandoning judgement is a cornerstone of my therapy.

While I didn’t underestimate the great help this counselling style service could provide, I grew frustrated with the limitations that came with it. I started studying and training in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy and began to understand ways to help bring about change within people.

After gaining my first diploma in hypnotherapy and counselling, I started to practice privately and carried on studying further in psychotherapy. I continued to learn about the role our unconscious played in our behaviour and how to change the script we’ve already written for ourselves.

Qualifications and accreditation